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Judika Illes

Judika Illes is the famous author of The Encyclopedias of Witchcraft and 5000 Spells and many other books in the Paranormal. An independent scholar, her interests include tarot and other forms of divination, astrology, spell-casting, witchcraft, amulets, traditional healing and spirituality, Kabbalah, the Egyptian Mysteries, runes, magical oils and perfumes, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. Judika has been a professional tarot card reader since 1988.

Judika Illes ist die berühmte Autorin der Enzyklopädien of Witchcraft und 5000 Spells sowie vielen anderen Büchern im Paranormalen. Als unabhängige Wissenschaftlerin interessiert sie sich für Tarot und andere Formen der Weissagung, Astrologie, Zaubersprüche, Hexerei, Amulette, traditionelle Heilung und Spiritualität, Kabbalah, die ägyptischen Mysterien, Runen, magische Öle und Parfüme, Mythologie, Folklore und Märchen. Judika ist seit 1988 eine professionelle Tarotkartenleserin.

Judika's Workshop 2019

Tarot Cards and Magic Spells
Tarot cards serve as tools to influence future events, as well as to predict or influence them. They are used in all sorts of magical spells including charm bags, dream incubation, and candle magic and for a wide variety of purposes. In this practical workshop, we’ll discuss a variety of these spells and maybe even cast one together! No previous knowledge of magic spells is necessary. We’ll learn the mechanics of how and why these spells work, so that you can create your own for your own personal needs.

David Wells
© David Wells         
David best known for his TV presence and being a Hay House author, his psychic and spiritual connection gifts were activated when, in adulthood, a near death experience allowed him access to other worlds and powers. Since then his on a mission to help others tap into their own innate power trough Past life regression, Qabalah, Tarot or Astrology.

David bestens bekannt für seine TV-Präsenz und Hay House-Autor zahlreicher Bücher. Seine psychischen und spirituellen Fähigkeiten wurden durch eine Nahtoderfahrung als Erwachsener aktiviert, und ermöglichte ihm den Zugang zu anderen Welten und Kräften. Seitdem ist er auf einer Mission, um anderen zu helfen, ihre eigene angeborene Kraft mittels Rückführungen in vergangene Leben, Kabbalah, Tarot oder Astrologie, zu erschließen.

David's Workshop 2019

Tarot and Astrology

Not Tarology, not astro-tarot, no made up name. The alignment between two great magical systems but acknowledging them as equals, powerful in helping the individual traverse this earthly life with spiritual guidance.

Every card can be associated with a planet, sign or astrological event and in this workshop, David will introduce you to the Major Arcana’s astrological alliances and how they can help you not only with client readings but with your own journey into understanding Tarot on a deeper level.
You might already use the elements, common to both Tarot and Astrology, and probably know the signs attached to Air, Fire, Water and Earth but taking that a little further the Major for the Fire signs are as follows; Emperor is Aries, Strength/Lust is Leo and Temperance/Art is Sagittarius.
The great wheel of the zodiac has a beginning and an end based on your time, date and place of birth which in turn gives you your rising sign. If you know your rising sign you can then associate a Tarot card to each sector of your life, using the clock-grid. David will take you on a journey using this grid to uncover what each sign, tarot card, says about each sector of your life.

You can find your rising sign here: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/ascendant-rising-sign-calculator
There are many other places, just type in ‘what’s my rising sign’

If you don’t know your time of birth this can still be done using your Sun (star) sign.


Kim Arnold
© Kim Arnold       
Kim is a professional Teacher & Reader of Tarot, founder of the UK Tarot Conference, co founder of the London Tarot Festival, Psychic Café Network and Hay House author, Kim is also the author of the accompanying book to Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle (Lo Scarabeo).

Kim Arnold ist eine professionelle Dozentin und Deuterin des Tarot, Gründerin der UK Tarot Conference, Co-Gründerin des London Tarot Festivals, Psychic Café Network und ist Autorin bei Hay House und hat zudem das Begleitbuch zu Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle von Lo Scarbeo geschrieben.

Kim's Workshop 2019

Gypsies, Superstitions and the Big Bad Wolf!
During her research working as a mentor to Geraldine Chaplin playing gypsy Maleva in the Universal Studio Wolf Man film, set in 1891, Kim discovered that the Victorian Gypsy communities were deeply superstitious when it came to reading Tarot cards. During this workshop we explore the superstitions and how the popular spreads we use today, have evolved through the decades.
Today we will create our own unique spread guiding us through our most sought after questions.

Carrie Paris
© Carrie Paris  
Carrie Paris — was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK. She has indie-authored numerous Magpie Oracle casting kits, the Relative Tarot, the Legendary Lenormand, Sirens' Song Lenormand and co-created the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck. Carrie has also taught and co-authored a series of popular online courses that explore mediumship and ancestral communication through casting. Carrie considers herself a global citizen and enjoys teaching her craft in many countries and online from her home in northern California.

Carrie war in der ersten Klasse, die einen Master in Kulturwissenschaften der Kosmologie und Wahrsagung von der Universität Kent in Großbritannien erhielt. Sie ist die Schöpferin von zahlreichen Magpie-Oracle-Casting-Kits, des Relative Tarot, des legendären Lenormand und Sirenen Gesang Lenormand und hat das preisgekrönte Lenormand Revolution-Deck mitgestaltet. Carrie hat auch an einer Reihe von erfolgreichen Online-Kursen über Medialität und Ahnenkommunikation, unterrichtet und/oder diese mitverfasst. Carrie betrachtet sich selbst als Weltenbürgerin und unterrichtet gerne in  vielen Ländern und online von ihrem Zuhause in Nordkalifornien aus.

Carrie's Workshop 2019:

Casting Miracles:
Locating Healing through the Tower Card and Charms

What if you approached tarot as a way to petition favor from supernatural beings, and what if in addition to the cards you used metal charms as conversational markers for navigating miraculous outcomes?
Ex-votives, also known as milagros, or miracles are small metal charms that point to and predict possible challenges in the human experience and are traditionally presented as gifts offered to the Divine in thankful reciprocation for favors received over chaotic outcomes.
In this workshop, we will discover how the Tower card can ultimately serve as a healing emblem during chaotic times and combine this outlook with the art of casting miracles with Carrie's latest charm casting kit, the Milagro Oracle. Ultimately we will learn to divine from a place of gratitude while petitioning supernatural support. We will also practice casting methods that show how milagros can act as verbal signposts for the supernatural to communicate how we can avoid a life of calamity in exchange for one of miracles.

Linda Marson
© Linda Marson      
Linda Marson is a professional Tarot reader, teacher and former President of the Tarot Guild of Australia. She is also founder and director of Global Spiritual Studies, an online learning hub with a wide range of video classes on Tarot, Kabbalah and Petit Lenormand. In 2006 she published the book, Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards. The book was quickly followed by a TV series which won an award for the best spiritual or personal development program on Australian community television.

Linda Marson ist eine professionelle Tarot - Leserin, Dozentin und ehemalige Präsidentin des Tarot Guild of Australia . Sie ist auch die Gründerin und Leiterin der Global Spiritual Studies , ein Online Lernzenter mit einer breiten Palette von Video - Klassen über Tarot, Kabbalah und Lenormand. 2006 veröffentlichte sie das Buch, Ticket, Passport ant Tarot Cards. Das Buch wurde unmittelbar in eine TV-Serie umgewandelt, welche einen Award für das beste spirituelle oder persönliche Entwicklungsprogramm des Australian community televisions gewann.

Linda's Talk 2019

TarotNaving through Life

“If you’ve had a Tarot reading, you’ve experienced the Tarot as a global positioning system, a GPS,' says Linda Marson. “Using the Tarot as a GPS is both simple and potentially difficult. Simple because all you need to do is ask a clear question, select cards and use your knowledge of Tarot card meanings to identify the best way to reach your destination. Using the TarotNav GPS is potentially difficult because you have to ask the right sort of question, one that puts you in the driver’s seat.”
Linda will provide an overview of TarotNav, her unique set of video and written resources about doing Tarot readings for yourself. In honour of 2019 as the year of The Hanged Man (2+1+9=12), Linda will play her video on The Hanged Man to show how following directions from a one-card reading changed her life! With input from participants, Linda will discuss how to formulate clear questions for your Tarot GPS, how to select appropriate layouts, do readings and consider the directions given by your Tarot GPS. Will the roads be clear or will you encounter road blocks and traffic jams as you drive towards your destinations? If you have a Rider-Waite-Smith deck, bring it, but any deck is suitable.

Wicca Meier-Spring

© Wicca Hexenmuseum Schweiz         
With the opening in 2009, of the only Museum of Witchcraft and Superstitious in the German speaking part of Europe, Wicca Meier-Spring planted a Milestone in the world of Witches and their history.
After several studies about the history of Witchcraft, Psychic Sciences and Spiritualism and lots of travels around the world, Wicca is a teacher, author, Museum director, historian, Tarot- and palm reader, and participates in different TV programs and gives countless interviews in all kind of Magazines and Newspapers since more then 18 years.

Wicca Meier-Spring hat 2009 das einzige Hexenmuseum im deutschsprachigen Europa eröffnet und damit einen Meilenstein in der Welt der Hexen und ihrer Geschichte gesetzt.
Nach mehreren Studien über die Geschichte der Hexerei, Psychics Sciences und Spiritualism und vielen Reisen rund um die Welt ist Wicca Dozentin, Autorin, Museumsdirektorin, Historikerin, Tarot- und Handleserin, nimmt an verschiedenen TV-Programmen teil und gibt unzählige Interviews in allen Arten von Zeitschriften und Zeitungen seit über 18 Jahren.

Das detaillierte Programm wird später aufgeschaltet.